Treovir, Inc.

Treovir was founded in 2019 to develop and commercialize G207 for recurrent glioblastoma in children.

G207 is a targeted oncolytic immunotherapy that has demonstrated improved survival in a phase 1 clinical study in 12 pediatric patients.

In 2022, Treovir will launch a Phase 2 study designed to support registration of G207 for treatment of pediatric glioma.   If successful, G207 would be the first-ever approved therapy for pediatric glioma.

G207 has been granted Fast Track designation by the FDA.

G207 has been granted orphan product designation for treatment of glioma, medulloblatoma and pediatric neuroectodermal tumors (PNET)

>0Children diagnosed every year in the US with brain tumors
0FDA-Approved therapies to treat pediatric brain tumors
0Adult and pediatric brain tumor clinical studies to date with G207
>0monthsOverall Survival using G207 in Phase 1 pediatric study with no serious side effects

Treovir is committed to ensuring access and affordability for all patients .

Information on Treovir’s Expanded Access Program can be found here.